Donated by Heather Griffin

  1. This award is to be separate from the NENA Volunteer Award.
  2. The same person cannot win the award on more than one occasion.
  3. The recipient of this award must have been involved with the club for several years.
  4. Any club/person/player must be able to nominate to the committee – not just the committee to nominate as happens with the NENA Award.
  5. A nomination form is to be handed out/made available to each family/member of the BSNC.
  6. Nominations are to be received by the secretary by the last meeting before the windup – this date to be advertised/printed on the nomination form each year.
  7. Nominations are to be discussed at the final committee meeting and if more than one nomination is received a voting system consistent with that in the club’s constitution will be used to determine the winner. A secret ballot must be used. The President and Secretary (or proxy) if the president and/or secretary are nominees) only are to count the votes and will not announce the result.
  8. The name of the recipient of the award is to be kept confidential until the windup when an outline of the recipients work will be read out and the award presented.
  9. Heather Griffin is to be contacted once a decision has been made so that she can organize the award.

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