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As part of the BSNC strategic plan we aim to ensure the load of umpiring is shared across all members of our club and will focus on the ongoing development of junior umpires.

If you require a Netball Rules book, please contact our clubs Umpire Coordinator who will do a bulk order early in the season.

Umpire Development Program
BSNC has developed a program to ensure our less experienced umpires are guided into umpiring and offer the program to seniors who are in high school girls or older. The program offers education and support with the online exam, mentoring and constructive feedback at trainings and match days. Please contact Bernie Keech (Umpire Development Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you wish to join this program. All participants who meet the requirements of this program receive a voucher to the Clare Sportspower.

BSNC Umpire Roster
All BS senior members are placed on the roster each season and if unable to umpire it is their responsibility to arrange a swap or pay someone to do it for them (we suggest $20). Please notify Bernie Keech - Umpire Roster Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of any changes to the roster prior to Thursday selections.

Umpires shirts, wet weather jackets and whistles are available from the Match Day Tub which for home games is kept inside our clubrooms and for away games is stored near the opposition's clubrooms.

If you are unsure about umpiring, we advise umpires to pick up a whistle at trainings and have a practise. Don't be afraid to ask for advice/assistance from one of our more experienced umpires: Janet Zweck, Sue Pratt, Tracey Andriske, Denby Wandel, Bernie Altmann. They are more than willing to help.

C Grade Badge: If you are interested in obtaining your C Grade Badge (National Acreditation) you can obtain more information by visiting the Netball Australia website or by speaking with Bernie Altmann. BSNC will cover costs of obtaining accreditation.

Netball SA website
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