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Blyth Snowtown Cats


NOTE: Rosters for all trainings and duties can be found under current season/rosters.

Netball Injury Report Form
Netball Registration Form 2017
Netball Net Set Go Registration Form

Football Newsletter March 2018
Netball Newsletter March 2018

Policies & Guidelines
BSFC Alcohol Management Policy
BSFC Code of Conduct

BSFC Member Protection Policy - June 2012
BSFC Pick up and Drop off of Children
BSFC Safe Transport Policy
BSFC Senior Selection Policy 2017
BSFC Smoke Free Policy
NEFL Abusive Language Policy

BSNC Constitution

BSNC Code of Conduct
BSNC Exemption from Training Guidelines
BSNC Level 3 - Alcohol Management Policy
BSNC Level 3 - Safe Transport Policy
BSNC Level 3 - Smoke Free Policy
BSNC Home Games Set up and Pack up Guidelines
BSNC Life Membership Guidelines
BSNC Preseason, Registration & Trials Policy
BSNC Scorer and Time Keeper Guidelines
BSNC Selection Policy - Junior (Updated 2016)
BSNC Selection Policy - Senior (Updated 2015)
BSNC Strategic Plan 2016-2020
BSNC Uniform Loans Policy

BSNC Volunteer of the Year Guidelines
BSNC Training Weather Guidelines

BSNC 21st Booklet

NENA - Net Set Go & Modified (J4/J5) Rules
Netball SA – Hot Weather Policy
Netball SA – Child Safe Environment Fact Sheet
Netball SA – Primary Care Personnel
Netball SA – Pregnancy Policy
Netball SA – Complaints Handling Regulation
Netball SA – Child Protection Regulation
Netball SA - Member Protection Policy
Netball SA - One Netball Inclusion Policy

Play by the Rules – Working with Children
Play by the Rules – Drop off and pick up of Juniors
Play by the Rules – Disability Policy




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Play By The Rules