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Blyth Snowtown Football Club
After an initial trial of the Snowtown footballers playing under the Blyth banner in 1988, the Blyth Snowtown Football Club Inc was formed in 1989 with the amalgamation of Blyth Football Club and Snowtown Football Club, the colours were red & white (known as the Roosters).

In 1993 the club changed the colours to blue and white hoops (known as the Cats) this was suggested by a club member and taken on board by the committee.

Some of the Club highlights since 1988 have been;


A Grade - 2006, 2007, 2010 & 2013

B Grade - 2007 & 2014

Senior Colts (now under 17s) - 1997 & 2002

Junior Colts (now under 14s) - 1989 & 1992


Medallists and Leading Goalkickers

A Grade - Brett Matthews 1995, Ryan Darling 2009 & 2012

B Grade - Gary Zweck 1990, Ricky Clark 1998, Kerry Warner 2005, Phillip Bigg 2008

B Grade Leading Goalkicker - Ben Pratt 2013. 

Senior Colts (now under 17s ) - Brad Nordhausen 1997, Ryan Darling 2001 - 2002, Tyron Clark 2004.

Junior Colts (now under 14s) - Adam Conradi 1999.


Blyth Snowtown Netball Club

The Blyth and Snowtown Netball Clubs officially amalgamated in 1995. Although the football clubs officially amalgamated in 1989 the two netball clubs were still strong on their own and had a large number of players and decided to continue as separate clubs.

In 1994 numbers for both clubs were declining and after discussion it was agreed to elect a steering committee to arrange the terms of amalgamation in readiness for 1995. This committee consisted of Ros Zweck, Sue Pratt, Julie McEwin & Vicki Hutchens from Blyth Netball Club and Heather Griffin, Jenni Hewett, Maureen Coffey, Ellen Kelly & Glenys Nolan (Proxy) from Snowtown Netball Club. The committee met on a regular basis and prepared a constitution and terms of amalgamation for adoption at the first Annual General Meeting. They also discussed options for the new uniforms.

The first Annual General Meeting was held on 7 February 1995 with 37 members of Blyth & Snowtown Netball Clubs attending. Phil Barry, (CEO of District Council of Blyth/Snowtown at that time) chaired the commencement of the meeting. It was agreed that the two clubs amalgamate and the constitution and terms and conditions of amalgamation were accepted.

The first President of the Blyth Snowtown Netball Club, Maureen Coffey was elected from the meeting. Each club then nominated 5 delegates from each club. They were:

  • ·Blyth – Sue Pratt, Tracey Andriske, Janet Zweck, Jane Matthews, Jennie Kennett; and
  • ·Snowtown – Heather Griffin, Glenys Nolan, Jenni Hewett, Ellen Kelly and Lynette Welke.

From this committee the following positions were elected:

Vice President – Janet Zweck, Secretary – Sue Pratt, Assistant Secretary – Jenni Hewett, Treasurer – Jane Matthews.

The senior netball uniform adopted was a navy parasilk double pleated skirt, white polo top with blue/purple patterned parasilk insert across the shoulders. The netball uniform included plain white polo top and navy pleated skirt. Socks were white with double navy band and letters BSNC.

Each club nominated 3 senior and 2 junior coaches at the Annual General Meeting and these coaches met to arrange the coaches of each grade. Coaches for 1995 were:- A1 – Tracey Andriske, A2 – Heather Griffin; B1 – Cathy Agnew; B2 – Lynette Welke; C1 – Sonia Talbot; U17 – Jane Matthews; J1 – Janet Zweck; J2 – Ellen Kelly; J3 – Denby Wandel; J4 – Pat Keech.

In our first year our club won three premierships – A2, B1 & B2.

NENA Best & Fairest Winners & Runners Up from our Club were:

A2 – Janet Zweck – Winner

B1 – Heather Williams – Runner Up

B2 – Lisa Stirling – Runner Up

J1 – Emma Coffey – Runner Up

In 2000 our club introduced the Club Volunteer of the Year Award which was donated by Heather Griffin. The first winner was Janet Zweck.

A committee was formed in 2002 to design a new netball uniform (body suit). This committee consisted of Amanda Nolan, Simone Bigg, Cherie Stirling, Tristen Turner, Hannah Wandel, Rebecca Hanrahan (Jamieson). The new bodysuit was adopted as our uniform in 2003. This was a navy blue body suit with a teal and white design around the edges. Bibs were teal blue with navy blue writing.

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